Technology Tourism Project Grants for Camden

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$6,715 State Grants Received for Technology Tourism Projects
Camden County Public Service Authority, St Marys Downtown Development Authority, and Kingsland Convention & Visitors Bureau Authority Receive over $6,700 in State Grants

Kingsland, Georgia – September 2, 2008: Today, the Georgia Tourism Foundation announced the recipients of the 2008 E-Challenge grant awards. Across the State of Georgia, there were over 23 applications seeking more than $55,100 in funding. The Camden County Public Service Authority (CCPSA), the Kingsland Convention & Visitors Bureau (KCVB) Authority, and the St Marys Downtown Development Authority (SMDDA) each are recipients of an E-Challenge grant award. The three combined grant awards total $6,715.00 in funding to the Camden community.

These grant awards will assist each organization in providing technology services and programs that will be enjoyed by residents and visitors. The Georgia Tourism Foundation recognizes the rapid changes in technology that are having an immediate and evolving impact on tourism in Georgia. In order to assist communities in adapting to these emerging e-dynamics, the Tourism Foundation offers the E-Challenge Grant program. This grant program helps communities secure long-term improvements in and support for emerging technology related to the travel and tourism industry. Grant funds must be used to meet emerging or ongoing technology-related costs as related to visitor services or retention.

war 1812State grant funded projects include:
(1) $2,520 to Camden County Public Service Authority (CCPSA) for establishment of a “Camden-Cache” Geo Trail Program,
(2) $2,220 to Kingsland Convention & Visitors Bureau (KCVB) Authority for development of a “War of 1812 Forgotten Invasion” Podcast Tour, and
(3) $1,975 to St Marys Downtown Development Authority (SMDDA) for creation of a St Marys Historic District Podcast and MP3 file.

Below detailed information on the three grant awards for Camden County:
Establishment of a “Camden-Cache” GeoTrail Program
CCPSA in an intergovernmental partnership with the SMDDA and the KCVB Authority has received $2,520 in grant funding to design and establish a “Camden-Cache” GeoCaching Trail. This trail project will promote and capture GeoCaching visitor expenditures from day trips off Interstate 95 and create additional exposure for the tourism products/attraction in the area. The creation of a CamdenCache website will spotlight tourism opportunities with the geo caching community and strengthen the area’s tourism base. The project includes the development of multiple geo-cache sites including downtown historic districts and area attractions that will promote locating each cache in order to complete trail passport for a prize. This will be the first Geo-Trail in Georgia. Multiple visits and/or overnight stays will be required in order to complete the “Camden Cache” geo-trail program. In addition, the project includes the development & promotion of a new website at that will increase exposure of our hidden treasures and tourism attractions.
For more information, contact Project Manager:
Janelle Kjensmo, (ph) 912-729-5999
“War of 1812- The Forgotten Invasion” Podcast Tour Project
The KCVB Authority has received $2,220 in grant funding to develop a War of 1812 heritage tourism podcast. The final battle of the War of 1812 was fought at Point Peter in Camden County Georgia (the Battery at Cantonment Point Petre). The war’s belated last battle went mostly unnoted until a couple of years ago when archaeologists unearthed more than 67,000 million uniform buttons, musket balls, cooking utensils, pottery shards and other artifacts. These artifacts are housed at the National Park Service’s Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum in Camden County. The main objective is to develop and promote a visitor interpretation product of the War of 1812 final battle with historic site and battle narratives thru the technology of pod casts. A historic interpretation and driving tour of the War of 1812 battle will be created which recognizes people, places, events, and tells the story of Georgia’s past in a format that is accessible to residents and visitors alike. This will serve as an effective tool for economic development by encouraging local tourism and general state-wide interest. Thereby, expanding the area’s heritage tourism product and increasing overnight heritage tourism visitation.
For more information, contact Project Manager:
Tonya Rosado, (ph) 912-729-5999
Creation of a St Marys Historic District Podcast and MP3 file
The SMDDA received $1,975 in grant funding to produce a podcast and MP3 tour about Historic St Marys including the fascinating stories about the historic churches and homes that line the Main Street. This project will be an opportunity to share the rich history with visitors and residents in a format that can be easily accessed. Much has been written about the founding fathers of St Marys whose names grace the wood carved signs through out the city – Osborne, Weed, Bryant and more. Twenty men who in 1787 paid the big sum of $38 each to purchase Buttermilk Bluff which became known as St Marys, This story and hundreds of others will be told in the St Marys Historic Podcast. Thru the technology of podcasts, the heritage of the wonderful historic churches and the homes like Orange Hall, the Archibald Clark house, the Riverview Hotel will be described to provide an opportunity for all to learn the history behind these historic doors. Creation of a narrative historic podcast tour of St Marys to be enjoyed at any time of day, will keep visitors in the downtown district longer and allow for more time to enjoy dining, shopping, overnight stays and relaxing along the waterfront.
For more information, contact Project Manager:
Alyce Thornhill, (ph) 912-882-8111

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