“The Price of Being Thin” Book Signing!

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Come join us at Once Upon a Bookseller in downtown St. Marys on Saturday, January 31, 2009 from 2-4 PM, for this book signing event!

Author Valerie Goddard will be in downtown St. Marys signing copies of her new release “The Price of Being Thin”.   The author of the “Get of the Interstate” Series tells the story of a painful journey into the abyss of complications resulting from gastric by-pass surgery. There are details revealed that are so often glossed over by medical professionals.  “Gastric by-pass surgery touches every aspect of life, the cost is excessive, much more than I was ever led to believe it could be. What is “THE PRICE OF BEING THIN?” God, I just pray it is not my life”  (Valerie Goddard).  Do not miss this opportunity to have an autographed copy!   For information call 912-882-7350.

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