St. Marys River Cleanup

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As part of the two-state, four-county St. Marys River Cleanup Celebration on March 20, the St. Marys EarthKeepers invite the public to join them in cleaning up the harbor and waterfront area in Downtown St. Marys.

After the cleanup, participants can attend a picnic at White Oak Plantation and receive their free tee-shirt.

Last year more than 1,000 participants cleaned the St. Marys River and its banks during the annual river cleanup, and the EarthKeepers team comprised more than 10% of those participants.

This year’s downtown cleanup will utilize boats of all sizes (including kayaks) and walkers to handle the marsh areas and streets. According to EarthKeepers organizer Barbara Ryan, the trash that you see in our streets inevitably winds up in our water systems.

“Wind and rain carry the trash into our tributaries and river and into our aquatic ecosystems ultimately threatening all marine life,” Ryan said. “Dolphins and fish often mistake the trash for food and ingest it making for a deadly scenario, especially in the case of plastic bags.”

Last year nearly 60,000 pounds of trash were removed from our waterways and banks during the River Cleanup.

The St. Marys EarthKeepers ask all those who are interested to call 912-729-1103 so forms can be prepared for admittance to White Oak, then meet the team at St. Marys Waterfront Park on Saturday, March 20, at 8:00 a.m.

Those with rubber boots are encouraged to wear them for marsh cleanup. Gloves will be provided.

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