TV series Filming in St Marys and Fernandina

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St. Marys resident Tom Hayden, motion picture producer, Coast Guard Auxiliary member, and experienced actor, has been on location in
St Marys, GA, and Fernandina Beach, FL, for the last four weeks filming a television pilot tentatively titled Semper Paratus (Always Ready).

Along with co-writer and director of the pilot, Mark Hildebrand, who is known for his work with Farragut Films, Hayden developed a script focusing on the local U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary (CGAUX) and their many experiences on the local waterways. Hayden and crew began shooting the TV pilot in June at the Riverview Hotel and Seagle’s Restaurant in St. Marys. They then moved to on-the-water scenes with CGAUX members and their boats, and private actors and their boats.

According to Hayden, the U.S. Coast Guard is very interested in the project and is providing technical support and will review the final script and production schedule before final approval.

As the result of an open casting call facilitated by the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance, Hayden was able to secure all the talent he needed to make the pilot. Main character roles are being played by seven local actors, and extras are from the southeast Georgia/northeast Florida area as well.

According to Hayden, “We could not have completed the project without the help of the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance.” Hayden said that he appreciated the Film Alliance’s continued support in providing talent, prop assistance, and logistics in making the TV pilot a success.

Most of the action in Semper Paratus is centered on the local CGAUX members and their boats (called Operational Facilities) with many scenes in St. Marys, GA and Nassau County, FL.

The story begins with a safety patrol on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) where they advise a novice boater on safety regulations. Later, during another patrol, they help rescue bikini-clad ladies aboard a boat with engine trouble.

During night training, two of the CGAUX facilities approach suspected drug runners who make a run for it.

Future series story lines will have oil spill disaster activity; mass casualty accident (commercial airplane in the water); stolen vessels; safety cordon for space shuttle launch; CGAUX in Katrina & Haiti; Kings Bay Submarine Base training with Coast Guard units; USCGCIS (NCIS for the USCG), and much more.

The production of a pilot for a full television series is the first step in selling a TV series.

Click here to go to the interview with Barbara Ryan from the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance
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