Art Stroll in downtown in St. Marys, GA

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Come to an art walk in downtown historic St Marys on Thursday May 5, 2011.
You’ll have the opportunity to watch Outdoor Painting or so called Plein Air in the downtown area on Thursday, May 5 from 11- 4 PM. Artists will begin with blank paper and paint downtown scenes during this time. The art will be displayed and judged at 4:30 PM at Orange Hall. Downtown will come alive from 5-8 PM with strolling musicians, dancers and other street performers. Restaurants and downtown merchants will be hosting the artists and will remain open throughout the stroll while the art is on display.

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  1. Dr Roy Bernius says:

    My widely popular St Marys based One Man Band: “Dr. Roy’z Magical Musical Time Machine!” performed on stage in the courtyard behind Seagels. Everyone had a ball!

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