Eye of the Hurricane Props Priced to Sell

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Did you participate as an extra in “The Eye of the Hurrricane” – or do you know someone who did? This movie production touched almost everyone in Camden County – and now you can get your own prop from the film. Coastal Georgia Film Alliance is organizing an auction on June 18, 2011.

At the recent preview of locally-filmed Eye of the Hurricane, film star Gregory Cruz made a surprise appearance. Around his neck hung the alligator tooth necklace that he wore as the mysterious Seminole in the movie. That necklace, along with dozens of other Eye of the Hurricane props and costumes will be auctioned off on June 18 to raise funds that will enable the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance to bring more film projects to Coastal Georgia.

Part of the proceeds from the auction will also benefit the newly formed St. Marys Little Theatre, an organization birthed to act as an incubator for local film talent. According to Film Alliance Chair Doug Vaught, the necklace will be a popular item, ranking right up there with the truck that Campbell Scott drove in the movie.

“There is a lot of nostalgia surrounding the items that we will be auctioning off on June 18,” Vaught said. “Hundreds of locals who were extras in Eye of the Hurricane may be interested in acquiring a momento of the movie. Also, many of the 450 people who recently attended the film’s previews in St. Marys have expressed an interest as well.”

Barbara Ryan, Vice-Chair of the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance and Chair of the St. Marys Little Theatre said that the auction is an excellent way to get the community more educated about the economic impact that movie-making can have for our area.

“The more our community understands and becomes involved in the entertainment industry arena, the more they will appreciate how this industry can make a difference in the economy,” Ryan said. “Georgia outpaces nearly every state in the nation in terms of incentives for filmmakers, and St. Marys and the surrounding area are in an enviable position to capitalize even more on the economic advantages of aggressively pursuing film production.”

In addition to the thousands of hours that Film Alliance volunteers put in each year to pursue the film industry, it takes money to support strong marketing programs. That, according to Ryan and Vaught, is the point of the auction.

Auction attendees will be amused and fascinated at times by the items that will come up for bid—a dozen or so of Homer’s lost eyeballs, the Seminole’s canoe, the truck, the wheelbarrow and its contents that kids collected after the hurricane, and costumes from every major player are part of the auction’s program. All items will come with a certification signed by Eye of the Hurricane Writer and Director Jesse Wolfe.

The auction will be held June 18 at Southern Junction in St. Marys—preview at 6pm, auction at 7pm.

For more information, call 912-729-1103 or email barbara@coastalgeorgiafilm.org.

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