New TV series Lovetown, USA, starts filming in St. Marys on Sunday

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The wait is finally over. The TV series Lovetown, USA, is finally filming. The big kick off event is a “Love Rally” at Howard Gilman Waterfront Park in downtown St. Marys, GA, taking place on Sunday, February 11, 2012 starting at 2 pm. This is going to be the first official event for the TV series. As you probably know, the series is a co-production between the BBC and Opray Winfrey’s Network, and the series is schedule to start broadcast in the summer. The crew is already in town, and you might see them around. If you are interested in getting seen on the Opray Winfrey Network, don’t miss the big Love Rally in downtown St. Marys. We want to make a big impression, so help spread the word by sharing this post on facebook and social networks.

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  1. Christina Dartez says:

    The Lovetown rally was a huge success!! I was there early with my son It was awesome to see Oprah!!

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