Watch the first episode of Lovetown, USA right here

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We have been waiting for Lovetown, USA episodes to come online.
And finally, here is the first premiere episode so you can watch it again.

Full Episode: Oprah’s Love Experiment

After a nationwide search, Oprah selected Kingsland, Georgia, to be the location of her new reality series Lovetown, USA. Now, two matchmakers, Paul Carrick Brunson and Kailen Rosenberg, are taking over Kingsland for 30 days. Can they help singles find love and transform the town with kindness and forgiveness? Watch the premiere episode!

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  1. marie Standish says:

    I watched the episode, am I think I was floored, because I actually got the pleasure to spend a few months in Kingsland. It is definitely a military town. The Naval submarine base is a nice size in the middle of basically nowhere. I remember the first time I entered the base and saw a huge submarine sitting right in the entrance way on a grassy knoll.Culture shock. One of my fondest memories had to be Halloween. Parent’s where out with their kids, and we went down to the historical district, aka mainstreet, or downtown, near the water, and met some really friendly people. I met the town lawyer who preceded to tell the children ghost stories as his trick or treat…that was a blast,… he actually reminded me of Mark Twain, with his brim straw hat and suspenders. I think he scared the living daylights out of them. I met a teacher and his wife who lived in one of the historical mansions, who offered us cupcakes and lemonade. I remember walking in the park along the coast and marsh lands, meeting a couple, who were fishing for their dinner, and living. The remaining catch would be sold, since they were unemployed. Some of the nicest people you could meet, if you could get to know them. I understand how hard it was for the life coaches to breakthrough the ice, because it is such a small town, it’s really hard to get to know people. I could understand Paul Brunson’s frustration. You really don’t see a lot of people walking around interacting…it was almost surreal for me especially being a California native who lives by the beach, and work in downtown Los Angeles We walk EVERYWHERE. I remember the beautiful sunsets on the peninsula, where we would watch the kids play at the park, and cool down with the ocean breeze. Those were definitely goods, days i will never forget.

  2. Jess Tanner says:

    This is my town! This is awesome! I have grown up hear and still live here now raising my twin William and Abigail. Who knew that our little town would be recognized by Royal Pains and Oprah! Friggin awesome!

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