Seeds of Love Community Garden

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We’re working with the volunteers to turn an old car lot into an organic garden. This community garden is going to be called The Seeds of Love Community Garden and it is located at 164 Lee Street in Kingsland, GA (the old Bennett Chevy lot on Hwy 17). This project is done for the non-profit organization Missions for Camden.

This is a organic garden to provide food for the foodbanks, to use to educate the public about organic gardening and sustainability, and it also will also have a butterfly garden.

Thanks to Alexa Sanford for the photos below!

The whole idea is to spread knowledge so that others can start their own organic garden. The project is being completed in record time. We want to thank everyone who has stepped up and donated to make this project possible.

The project started during the filming of the Lovetown, USA TV series.

If you are interested in donating to the Seeds of Love Garden or volunteer, please fill out the form below with your contact information.

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